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As redrawn in 2011, Virginia’s 48th Delegate District includes the area in Northern Virginia covering north Arlington, as well as much of McLean from the Arlington border to the Beltway. It also runs along the Potomac from Chain Bridge to National Airport and Crystal City.

I’m proud to have represented the 48th District’s citizens in Richmond since 1998. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about my background, the legislation I have championed in Richmond, and my stand on issues that matter to Northern Virginia and the Commonwealth.

I encourage you to visit my website often. Please contact me if you have any questions or if there’s an issue involving state government that I can help you resolve.

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March 15, 2014

The Virginia General Assembly adjourned its 60 day session Sine Die on March 8, 2014.  Adjournment doesn’t mean we’ve finished our work for the year. The House and Senate haven’t come to agreement on the most important item of business, the budget.  The sticking point  in contention is whether to extend health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of uninsured Virginians. It is clear that the Governor will call a special session so we can finish our work.

Health care is the big issue we are dealing with this year.  It is just as important as the car tax, education, and transportation. While I regret the inconvenience that not having a budget on time creates, I hope we’ll be able to get our work done over the next few weeks, approve a budget, and provide health care coverage for many of our fellow Virginians.

You may remember that a few weeks ago I provided you with a tally of how many bills had passed both the House and the Senate and made their way to the other chamber. Now that the regular session is almost over I wanted to update you with the numbers of bills that have made it through both the House and the Senate.  1,273 bills were submitted in the House.  Of those, 571 made it over to the Senate, and of those 518 were approved by the Senate.  On the other side, 673 bills were introduced in the Senate, 413 made it to the House, and 324 passed the House.  Of the bills that made it all the way through the legislative gantlet, seven of them were mine.  Report from Richmond #7.


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