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As redrawn in 2011, Virginia’s 48th Delegate District includes the area in Northern Virginia covering north Arlington, as well as much of McLean from the Arlington border to the Beltway. It also runs along the Potomac from Chain Bridge to National Airport and Crystal City.

I’m proud to have represented the 48th District’s citizens in Richmond since 1998. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about my background, the legislation I have championed in Richmond, and my stand on issues that matter to Northern Virginia and the Commonwealth.

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February 26, 2014

This past week the major item of the 2014 session, the state budget for the next two years, took several steps forward. Governor McDonnell submitted his budget before the session began in January.  The General Assembly members had a chance to propose amendments to change specific funding items in that budget.  On February 16th the money committees for both the House and the Senate reported out their amendments.  On the following Thursday, the full House and Senate debated their money committees’ budgets, with a series of votes on individual items and proposed changes.   Both chambers passed their respective budgets with minor changes.

In one major aspect the House and Senate budgets couldn’t be more different. The principle area of disagreement is whether to extend health care coverage to hundreds of thousands of Virginians through the expansion of the Medicaid program. The House refused to support Medicaid expansion. The House budget includes 81 million dollars to hospitals to adjust for the cost of inflation, as well as $6 million to free clinics and community health centers.

On the Senate side, things are a little different. The Senate Budget includes a program called “Marketplace Virginia” which would help around 250,000 Virginians buy private health insurance. The Senate plan would include cost-sharing by recipients and unemployed recipients would have to show they were looking for work. The Senate adopted the “Marketplace Virginia” proposal on a bipartisan vote of 23 to 17, while the House rejected it on almost straight party lines.

In the next step of the process, members of the two money committees will try to reconcile differences between the House and Senate bills. If they’re successful, they’ll report back to us in a few weeks. Then we’ll have a budget by our scheduled adjournment date of March 8. But there’s a lot to be resolved before that time.   Report #5 from Richmond:  Not only Medicaid, but also education reform remain to be decided.

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